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About Whelpo

 Whelpo is a family-run small business, operating from beautiful rural Somerset, where the products are handcrafted on site at home where collection is offered if preferred.

Our Story

Thank you for joining us on our new venture!

The creation of Whelpo.

The Whelpo team have over 40 years experience of showing and breeding dogs. Throughout this period, the team have tried various whelping boxes of various materials and designs, but struggled to find the perfect one to fit their needs; the materials were difficult to clean or there were parts that got lost between uses. Because of this, they embarked on the journey to create their own PERFECT whelping box!

The first box.

In late 2018, the team created their first box for a litter of 8 Belgian Shepherd Dogs. The box was a success and met the desired criteria of the team, that is, it was wipe-clean plastic, flat pack for easy storage and had limited parts. However, the team knew they could do even better and find a way to create a box with ZERO nuts and bolts/tools required. 

After extensive research and many prototypes tested, the team were ready to launch in 2020 with their new, innovative product! 

The team.

Whelpo truly is a family effort and its success depends on the coherence of the team!

Our products are handcrafted by Graham in the garage which has been converted into a workshop. 

Our website, advertising and communications are managed by Lauren. 

Packing, quality control and general management is conducted by Karen. 

At times, roles may intertwine and the team are dedicated to meeting all customer needs.

Head over to our 'Contact Us!' page to get in touch. 

Find us on social media to get to know the team better!